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"Israeli Contemporary Art"
Palastgallery, Berlin, Germany

Opening date: 28.04.2016
Closing date: 25.05.2016

Curator: Hana Barak Engel / Reinhard Mikoleit


"Abstract Mind"
Bricklane Gallery, London, England

Opening date: 25.06.2013
Closing date: 08.07.2013

Curator: i.c.u


"Inside View"
Textile Center, Tel-Aviv

Opening date: 25.10.2012
Closing date: 15.11.2012

Curator: Lev Kiperman ICU

"Magical Views of Israel"
Centro Cultural Nicolas Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Opening date: 11.09.12
Closing date: 18.09.12

Curator: i.c.u

"Israeli Reality"
Galleria "Il Collezionista", Rome, Italy

Opening date: 16.12.2011
Closing date: 9.1.2012

Curator: Lev Kiperman ICU, Roberto Giuliani

"Diary Pieces"
Art House, Wakefield, England

Opening date: 16.8.2011
Closing date: 24.8.2011

Curator: Amili Gelbman

"Space of Living"
Ephrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv

Opening date: 5.2.2010
Closing date: 24.2.2010

Curator: Mirta Edry

"Into the Open Space"
Eshkol Payis, Rehovot

Opening date: 08.05.2009
Closing date: 19.06.2009

Curator: Mirta Edri